Ariel BARK #185 is one of our sweet dogs.

Welcome to the adoption page for BARK (Bone-a-fide Aussie Rescue Krewe). Our adoption process is designed to help us to learn about your family and lifestyle and make an successful match with one of our available Aussies.

BARK wants each dog’s new home to be its last new home. For that reason, we work closely with potential adopters to help them find the dog that is the best fit for their home. Adding an Aussie to your home is exciting, but please take a few minutes and read about the adoption process if you are serious about adopting.

Our adoptable dogs can be found here.

Step 1 The first step in adopting from BARK is to fill out the adoption application.

Step 2 After your application is submitted a volunteer will check your vet and other references. Please let your vet know that it is okay to release information regarding your pet(s) veterinary care to BARK.

Step 3 A volunteer will conduct a telephone interview with you in order to get to know you a little better.

Step 4 A home visit with a volunteer will be scheduled to allow us to visit with you in your home and meet all members of your family.

Step 5 Approval! Once you are approved we will work with you to find the right dog for your home. When you find the right dog you sign the adoption agreement, pay the adoption fee and take your new family member home. BARK’s current adoption fee is $250.

If we don’t have a dog that’s a good fit when you apply, don’t worry we’ll keep your name on our list of approved adopters and let you know when a dog comes in that we think is a good match.


BARK wants to see where and how an Aussie will fit into your life. A home visit lets us get to know you better so we can make the best match possible. It helps us to see where your dog will sleep and eat. What kind a yard will she play in? How will the members of your household, including humans and other pets, interact with the dog?


Adoptions usually take a couple of weeks or a bit longer to get through the approval process. BARK is an all-volunteer organization so our volunteers have to coordinate BARK activities with their work and home responsibilities plus coordinate with your schedule. If the stars align though an adoption can take place in a few days, from filing out the application, to the telephone interview and reference checks, to the home visit and finally to the placement of a dog.

We are available to answer any questions you have after you adopt your new family member. If the adoption doesn’t work out for some unforeseen reason we will always take the dog back. We put so much effort into the adoption process because we want each dog’s new home to be its forever home.