Why Foster a BARK Dog?

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BARK has lots of dogs needing help, but not enough foster homes. Consider opening your home and heart to a BARK foster dog. Fostering a dog is awesome because you have all the fun and all the love, but somebody else pays the vet bills!

This is how it works. BARK gets contacted about an Aussie needing to come into rescue. A volunteer evaluates the dog to make sure that it IS an Aussie  and that it doesn’t have apparent behavioral issues that would make it unadoptable.  A Krewe Captain would contact you about the dog and make arrangements for it to come to your house.

When a foster home gets a foster dog they are the ones who help us figure out what a dog’s personality is like in a home environment.  We also count on foster homes to help us determine whether adopters interested in the dog are a good match for their foster dog.

Is it easy?  Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Some dogs come in with good manners an are ready to go after a few weeks in their foster home to make sure the dog has issues that weren’t apparent on the initial evaluation.  Foster homes quickly become masters of house training because a number of dogs aren’t already house trained.  Some dogs come in with no manners at all because their owner never taught them any.  Some dogs are heartworm positive and have to be treated before they can be adopted out.

Open your heart and your home to a foster dog.  You won’t be in it alone. BARK has a support network of experienced Krewe Captains and other volunteers who are there to help you through any challenges you face.  The best thing about it? You give each dog you foster a chance at a new life

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  1. Renee Lambert
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    I am interested in being a foster…I live in Dodge City Kansas. My number is 620-253-4781. I have an aussie mix and have owned 2 other aussies in the last 27 years. Let me know if you would be interested in placing dogs in Kansas.

    • BARKadmin
      | Reply

      Oh gosh! That would be so great, except we don’t currently operate in Kansas. I believe Mini Aussie Rescue and Support (MARS) is closest to you.

  2. Angela
    | Reply

    I need a rescue group that would take a 6 yr. Aussie. Near Decatur Alabama

    • BARKadmin
      | Reply

      Please email us at BARKaussies@gmail.com with more information on the dog including whether it is up to date on vet care, how it gets along with other dogs and people, other information about its personality and why you wish to place the dog. If possible please include photos of the dog so that we can confirm it is an Aussie before asking a volunteer to evaluate it.

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