A Group of Unique Looking Dogs

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BARK has three really cool looking dogs in the program at the moment.

First is Razz BARK #238.  She came to us from a shelter in North Alabama after her owners did not claim her.  She has two brilliant ice-blue eyes. Her right eye has a little brown.  Half her face is kind of speckled  and she has some on her chest and legs.  This photo does not show how pretty her coat is in person.  Razz’s personality is just as pretty.

Razz BARK 238
Razz BARK 238


Next we have Roxy BARK 243.  She came from the Mobile County Animal Shelter.  In the photo the shelter sent Roxy looked like a senior dog in bad shape.  Her coat looked terrible because she had a skin infection.  When we got her and took her to the vet, she turned out to only be about 5 years old.  The mask on her face is her coloring. After being with us for three weeks Roxy’s coat is shiny and healthy looking and her skin looks much better.


Roxy BARK #243
Roxy BARK #243

Finally we have Polly BARK 245.  She came from the Mobile County Animal Shelter like Roxy.  They were picked up as strays together.  Like Roxy, Polly has a mask but her’s is not as obvious since her coat is red.  She’s also taller than Roxy and longer in the body.

Polly BARK #245-3
Polly BARK 245


One thing these girls all have in common is that they are very sweet and will make great companions.  Fill out an adoption application and give one of them a home of her own!


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  1. Kristyn
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    Kristyn May 7, 2015 | Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I am very interested in adopting an Aussie. I live in Alexandria la. I am willin to travel If needed. Would my location be a problem and not allow me to adopt from yalls program? Thanks Kristyn

    • BARKadmin
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      Hi Kristyn!

      The first step in adopting BARK dog it to submit an adoption application. Once you’ve submitted one we can work together to see if any of our dogs would be a good fit for your home. Thanks!

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