We Named Him Clarence

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Yesterday BARK Krewe Captain Tracey Needham was contacted by Hernando County, Florida Animal Services about a stray dog in the shelter who had been hit by a car. The shelter coordinator said he was having seizures when he came in, but all they could do was stabilize him due to the shelter’s limited medical facilities.  He had no visible injuries so the shelter vet could not tell if he had any broken bones.

Even though he seemed to be in pain and could not stand up, she said that he wagged his tail and seemed happy to get attention.  Nobody had come looking for this sweet guy and his stray hold was up today.  She wanted to know if we could help.

Depending on what was wrong with him, we knew his vet care could run into thousands of dollars.  Tracey and I talked it over and made the decision to take him. At best, he would need little treatment to return to health.  At worst, his injuries would be too severe to treat and he would have to be put to sleep.  Someone generously pledged $1,000 towards his care.

Tracey made an appointment at BluePearl Veterinary Hospital in Clearwater. Her boyfriend picked the dog up and met her there.  Tracey said that he was as sweet a boy as she’d been told.  We named him Clarence and he became BARK #227.  Clarence turned out to be a senior dog.  When the vet examined him she diagnosed head trauma and a possible fractured spine.  Even if Clarence could be saved his recovery would be long.  Clarence was in pain and was suffering so we made the decision to let him go.

Rescue is not always about helping a dog find a new family. Sometimes it means giving a dog relief from pain. Rest in Peace Clarence BARK #227.

Clarence BARK#227
Clarence BARK #227

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